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Processing time for the "Loyalty Rewarded" ProV1 promotion?

Jeff V

This question is aimed more at one of the Titleist reps that frequents the board:

I ordered 2 different batches of ProV1's under the Loyalty Rewarded promotion.  One on March 29th and the other on April 3rd.  The shop sent me an email almost right away that my order had been submitted to Titleist and that they ship directly from you.  However, neither order has yet to show up.  Is there a backlog caused by the number of orders submitted?  How long do the orders normally take to process and arrive?

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  1. keithstelljes

    ORDERED mine on March 20th and have not received yet as of 2 May. Pro shop has no clue and does not appear to be willing to call for follow-up.

  2. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the post. I'll pass your info along to our team in custom and have them follow-up with you directly. Hopefully they'll be able to help provide you with an update.



  3. Chris M

    Mine took a little over 2 weeks.  Ordered March 16th and received them the first week of April.

  4. Carlo Angelo

    Ordered mine April 5.  Last time I checked GG said that it was scheduled to be shipped to them on May 10...

  5. Scott B

    Ordered mine April 8th and haven't seen them yet.

  6. Tim Tiger

    I got my two different orders fairly fast.  Sometimes it depends on if your course/store waited to send one mass order for the promotion or sent individual orders.

    Good Luck and hope you receive them soon.


  7. Jeff V

    I have now received both of my orders.  They look fantastic (although I'm not as thrilled with the corny catch phrase I put on them as much as I thought I would be).  In any case, the turnaround time was roughly 4 weeks for each order (they were placed rather far apart).

    This was a great deal and I'm thankful for Titleist offering us this opportunity to play the best ball in golf at a great price.  I'll look for it again in the future and it's one of the reasons i've remained a Titleist customer over the years.

    Thanks again Titleist!

  8. keithstelljes

    Should have known they would arrive the day I say something.  Balls are great and offer was exceptional> Thank yo to all and appreciate offers like this.

    Thanks!  Keith

  9. Tom E

    I live in NY and placed my custom order on March 16th and received my balls from the MA plant on April 11th.  In other words, approximately 3-4 weeks.

    The balls that I ordered came out great.  I would love to see Titleist do this promotion again in early 2014.

  10. paul a

    i ordered mine on march 14 from a golf superstore, i waited about a month and called them back to check on my order and they said it would be a week before they shipped them. waited for aanother week, called them back and got the same response. waited another week and asked them to check with titleist and they said titleist did not have any record of the order. they told me that they would put a rush order in and i might get them in two to three weeks. i am a little upset with the store but i will just have to be patient i guess. i the meantime, i guess i will have to buy some at the pro shop instead of waiting. hate to purchase additional balls when you have already paid for then and they are not here.

  11. Chip S

    I ordered four dozen (buy three and get one free) through my club.  Just got them the other day (took about three-ish weeks) and they look great.  My pro even displayed them in my locker for me, showing the custom number and side stamp, when I opened the locker.  Taking them out today.  Thanks Titleist. 

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