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Mark C

So I play last years prov1x and I love the ball but after 2 holes the cover starts coming off. It is not very durable at all. Is the new prov1x more durable?

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  1. Patrick J

    The new 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x are more durable than the 2012 model they have been on the market for quite some time now.


  2. Patrick J

    The new 2013 Prov1 and Prov1x are more durable than the previous model. They are out on the market and have been for some time.

  3. Daniel A

    Yes they are more durable but ive never had a ball start doing that after 2 holes even last years model? did you nail some trees or cartpath?

  4. Deno

    New one on me Mark.  Never saw that happen.   I hit alot of older ProV1xs on the range, some pretty old, and never saw any with broken or split covers.  Are there more than a few like this out of your bag?


  5. P Ford

    i have found that even with the new prov1x i am still scuffing it after my first iron shot. i have 710 cbs and i dont know if it has something to do with the grooves or something else. i strike the ball well, yet it results in a scuff. somewhat frustrating.

  6. clayton t

    i hit pro v1x longer than the pro v1 but i hit the pro v1 straighter if i had combine of both

  7. Keano26

    The 2013 Prov1x is more durable, for sure, but it still does get little nicks from wedges. These nicks are nowhere near as deep or drastic as they were with the 2011 Prov1x, and as they may affect the 'aesthetics' of the ball, it does nothing negative to the performance.

  8. Curtis M

    Mark C

    So I play last years prov1x and I love the ball but after 2 holes the cover starts coming off. It is not very durable at all. Is the new prov1x more durable?


    Do you use an axe for a club?????   I never really had a problem with last years model like your saying, especially after 2 holes.  But to quote everyone else, this years model is much better. 

  9. Austin T

    What do you mean the cover starts coming off, that sounds like something you would hear in an old baseball story..."I can't believe it, he just hit that one so hard the cover came off!!!". The new ProV generation of balls is more durable but you might want to look at what you are doing to your golf balls to make them get beat up so fast. I used last years proV's for multiple rounds before they had any damage close to what you seem to be describing.

  10. eagle3

    I have never had the cover come off of any of the ProV1 or ProV1x series of balls. May just have been a bad batch or just a few that escaped inspection. But the one thing I am doing now is trying to get all of the last ProV1xs I have used up. Played yesterday with the 2013 ProV1x and it is going to hard not to just throw the older series away. Performance is much better and the increase in distance is more than I expected, even though I had been sent a sleeve of test balls.

  11. Mike P.

    The prov1X is more durable then the pro v1. This years cover is more durable from last years cover.

  12. Mike C

    As far as the cover coming off... if you mean becoming scuffed then the new 2013 balls are much better.  After I hit a 2012 ball with a full shot with a short iron (maybe 9 through 60 degree wedge) there are usually 2 or 3 horizontal cuts across the ball afterward from the grooves on the club face.  On the 2013 balls, you can see some smaller nicks but nothing as obvious as the cut lines in the 2012 models.

    Hats off to Titleist for the improvements in durability and maintenance of the great feel and control with these balls.

  13. Fred C

    The paint has never been a problem on any Titleist ball, going back to the Pro Trajectory balata. If the balls are scuffing on the first shot, It's probably the new grooves. Also, there are some people selling ProV's as new that have been found in water hazards in "pristine" condition. However, once a ball spends 24 hours in water, the paint is suspect.

  14. Joonil K

    The new pro v1x didn't even have a scratch when I played 18 holes.

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