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idea for ball testing

clayton t

i know that titleist picks different people from Team Titleist members and i believe more we blog would helpful of whom gets picked ...... the idea is if we can say order test balls by the dozen thru local pro shop maybe a mix patch or we are aloud either (A) or (B) ..... this way we can hit them fill out survey what we think and titleist be able see how the test ball react across the country in different climate and by ordering and pay for the test ball titleist will not be out any cost for matter of fact they will can profit plus more tester

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  1. John L

    I disagree i like the current system. it seams fair and makes us feel special to get to test them. not a bad idea you had but i like the current system better. i would only wish they would do a club test for a few of us.

    cheers greens and fairways.


  2. clayton t

    well yeah it make you feel special if you get picked but however as many people that join TT it may take a person 2 or 3 years before one gets picked ..... but on other hand not every golfer that uses titleist is a TT member and even more that dont swing titleist so if titleist was to do my idea we as TT member will be the elite test group..... love test one club too that be cool

  3. Tim Tiger

    Great in theory, but they do not mass produce the test balls.  They are tour tested/validated and then also filtered through the demographic designed for the specific ball.  The current set up for testing is about the most fair way to do it.  If you make them available for purchase, people will take advantage of that.

    Just my .02


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