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Pro V1s?

Edward D

Does anyone like using the pro V1's over the V1x??

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  1. Graham M

    Hi Edward, I got a club fitting a couple of years back and that included looking at the best Titleist ball for me. I was always a pro V1X player but was told the Pro V1 was the best fit for me and I noticed an huge difference in my ball control around the green.

    Both great balls but try both out and see which you prefer and have an open mind



  2. asousa

    I do.  I just feel they fit my game better.  I know we are in the minority but we are out there.  Even on the Tour we are out numbered.

  3. Joel S

    I prefer the pro v1's over the "x". But I actually prefer the NXT tour over pro v's. I get better feel with the nxt tour. Your best bet is to play a few rounds with several different balls and see which one feels best to you. Or which one is getting you lower scores. Balls that get more distance may not be as easy to feel, chipping and putting, around the green.

  4. Robert B

    I prefer the ProV1x's because i have high driver spin and they let me stay in the fairway more. 

  5. Sean A

    I've been using the Pro V1 for a couple years now.  I tried the X's for a spell, but seemed to lose distance on my longer irons.  They would just fall out of the sky.  I do seem to hit the X straighter off the tee with Driver.  But I also like to hit those low hooks around trees, I simply cant move the ball as much with the X.

    For now I'm staying the the V1.  When I decide its the balls fault im playing bad, I may try the X again.

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