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Golf Digest ball testing results ??

Steve Z

Golf Digest testing results has the prov1x with a higher spin rate than the prov1 for the half wedge and a lower spin rate for the driver.

So why would anyone want the prov1 ??

Titleist markets the prov1 as a higher spin rate for the short irons. But the Golf Digest results are contrary to this.

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  1. Joshua L

    Results with any piece of equipment will always vary by tester. The best way to find out what ball is right for you would be to go through a ball fitting. The ProV1 launches higher than the ProV1x for me personally so that I why I was suggested to play the X over the regular ProV1.

  2. Steve Z

    When you say the pv1 launches higher than the pv1x, I assume you mean that it has a higher trajectory. For the same swing both balls will have an identical launch angle.

    But this doesn't make sense because the pv1x is supposed to have a higher trajectory than the pv1, according to Titleist.

    After seeing the Golf Digest ball testing results I became confused. So I went to the Titleist web site and became even more confused.

    Publishing a simple chart of data for different clubs, swing speeds, angle of attack, launch angle, spin rate, carry, and roll would be most useful.

  3. Quintin H

    Pre 2009 model the ProV1x had more short game spin than the ProV1, I knew this from using them, then came a Golf Digest test and proved me right, ProV1x had more spin for every shot tested.

    2009 model, both were great around the green, iron shots V1 would stop withing 2ft of where it hit the green and X would stop within 10ft. I first used V1 but discovered I scored better with X.

    2011 model iron shots X stopped within 5ft and V1 would be within inches or even spin back, but neither worked for my short game.

    I haven't tried 2013 model yet.

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