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Pro V1 vs V1x

John N

I have noticed when titleist highlights weekly winners they usually say the ball they play (usually the Pro V1 or the Pro V1x).  I am wondering why most of the men play the Pro V1x and the majority of the woman play the Pro V1.  Does it have something to do with swing speed being slower for women?  My swing speed is most likely more in line with the professional woman than with the men, which has me wondering why do the woman prefer it, and would it be a more practical ball for me to play.  I do like the Pro V1x and think I do get more distance with it than compared with other ball.  But I do not want my manly pride to prevent me from playing a ball better suited for me perhaps because of a slower swing speed.  Any thoughts and insight on the differences would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Christian J

    Don't let that stop you from playing the ball that is best suited for you!  I prefer the ProV1x over the ProV1, simply because there is less side spin on the tee shots.  I have noticed I hit it a lot straighter, especially with my driver, off of the tee.  It does spin less than the ProV1's, but I have trouble spinning both balls anyway.  Back to the pro aspect: I read on here, many of the men prefer the ProV1x because they spin the ball enough already, that they don't need the spinnier ball.  That in turn is related to the swing speed, so that may be why the women prefer the ProV1.  However, there are a few men that do play the ProV1 on tour.  Either way, play the one that works best for you.  The ProV1 is a great ball, and is by no means a woman's ball.

  2. Sean A

    Don't let swing speed be your deciding factor in a ball.  As most will say you only hit probably 14 drives a round at most.  There are plenty of other reasons to choose a ball for your game.  I like Pro V1 over the X at the moment but am thinking of trying the X again.  Most of my lost strokes come from missing greens on longer shots.  I like the feel of the V1 over the X so its the reason I've stayed with it.  If only I could hit them straighter....

  3. Fox01v

    This is something that I have started looking into for myself since I put a lot of spin on the ball, same reason I have a 913 Fd and not F.  I have played Pro V1's and bstone 330s this year, the only reason I tried the 330s is a buddy had them and I noticed I was hitting them straighter then the Pro V1's that I was getting to much side spin from.  Now that I got my swing back I tried the Pro V1x and it has made a big difference especially with my driver.  I know people say you only hit your driver 12-14 times but when you hit 300+ yard drives you need to hit it where you want or you can get yourself in trouble easily.  For me I'm switching to Pro V1x, you might want to find a box of the Pro V1 practice balls since they're a mix of V1 and V1x and see how you hit each.

  4. Curtis M

    I myself prefer the ProV1.   I am more accurate to the green with this ball and I lvoe the feel when putting.  15-20 yards off the tee is easily made up with shorter putts.   But I am sure everyone will agree with me when I say this, hit them both and whichever one suits your game better go with. 

  5. Chuck A

    In my opinion your question is easily solved get ball fitted. If you go to your local titleist pro and let them know up format you intend on purchasing balls from them, they will do it no charge. The difference between the two balls comes down to spin off the driver and spin off of your 6iron. I am a long hitter with 118 swing speed and play a slight draw I actuallly was getting too little spin off of the 2012 prov1x, so I played the prov1. The 2013 prov1x actually gives me optimum driver spin 2300 rpm and I love it. The best advice I can give is to get ball fitted it will really help on the course and mentally knowing you are playin he right ball for your game, no need to second guess your equipment. Hit Em straight n long Chuck

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