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Titleist Velocity Golf Balls


Just thought I'd pass along my recent experiance with the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls. I've been playing the Titleist NXT Tour S(white) Golf Balls for quite some time now and after playing most all of the Titleist line of balls they seem to fit my game the best. I really like the softer feel, and performance of it, so It's been my ball of choice. I didn't think too much about the Velocity ball since it is supposed to be a distance ball, and I've aleays related a distance ball to being a hard ball, and with my slow swing speed (about 83-85mph) a hard distance ball feels like hitting a rock to me. A couple of weeks ago I decided to pick up a sleeve of the Velocity balls just to try them, and now I have a new ball of choice. Went back and got a dozen Velocity balls and I hitting them better than any other ball I've played, and to my supprise, they are not a hard ball at all. Even with my slow SS I can feel them compress, and the ball jumps off the club face. I'm now hitting the Velocity ball amywhere from 10-30 yards longer than than the NXT or any other Titleist ball I've played in the past, and the Velocity still stops on the green with short iron shots. Was really amazed at the distance I'm getting now. My normal drive with other balls was 195-210yds. I played the Velocity today, and had one drive of 241yds. and another at 248yds. I'm so impressed with the Velocity that I had to write this, and say that the Titleist Velocity is the only ball I'll play from now on. Can't say enough good about this ball, and I'd say to anyone that hasn't played the Velocity, pick up a sleeve and try them for yourself, and I think you'll be as impressed with it as I was. Just make sure you leave enough on the shelf for me.

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  1. Josh H

    I too love the Velocity's, won $50 to a local pro shop and bought a dozen, tried them out and absolutely love them. I usually use B330-RX's, but these fly about 15-20 yards further on drives and about 10 yards further on my irons and I don't feel I give up anything around or on the green.


    I would also highly suggest the Velocity's, just wish I didn't have so many bstone's left to go through!



  2. Norris

    Josh; Take the hit and price your B330's at a really low price and sell them to you golfing buddies, then take that money and buy more Velocity's. Then take your Velocity's to the course and use them to kick your buddies backside that are using those B330's that you sold them, but wait until your on your way home to laugh about it.

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