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NXT Tour

david b

I have been playing the Pro V1 x for the past 2 years and have been really pleased with it's performance. Recently on a friends recommendation I tried the NXT Tour now I'm beginning to think I prefer the NXT, I am hitting more fairways & am slightly longer off the tee with the driver, performance with my irons seems comparable with the Pro V and I really can't feel any noticeable difference chipping & putting!

I am a 4 handicap 61 year old player, can the new NXT Tour ball really be this good? I would like to hear other players opinions & comparisons, also I have played 2 rounds with one ball & it still looks really good.

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  1. Don O

    Whatever ball gives you the best scoring is your best ball.  If you gain an advantage in the fairway and don't lose any accuracy getting on the greens....

    In your comments about the cover, don't know if you tried the 2013 ProV's, but mine seem to rival the non-urethane balls in durability.  But then again, I haven't challenged as many tree trunks or cart paths as I used to and I don't generate a great deal of backspin with wedges.

  2. Tim S

    I tried both and the nxt tour is better for me favorite ball out there

  3. Christian J

    I agree with you guys, the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S are great!  I have a tendency to fade my drives, and these balls don't fade like the ProV1x's.  Great ball, and even better on our wallets!

  4. David S

    I have just started back playing golf from 20 years off.  A lot has changed, no 2 irons any longer but the one thing that didn’t change was Titleist!  I purchased a dozen Pro V1x and a dozen NXT Tour balls.  Since I was just getting going again I really couldn’t tell the difference.  Since I have purchase another dozen of the NXT Tour S, I really seem to like those best right now.  The funny thing is I have 3 sleeves of DT Titleist that were 20 years old.  I figure they had lost their pep, but surprisingly I hit them just as far, but I gave them to my nephew.  I am going to just play and let which one I like the best be my ball.  I also purchased a set of AP2 irons, love them!  Thank you Titleist!!

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