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New V's vs Old V's


So I've played the last three rounds with the new V's (finally lost my old ones) and I am impressed. They do last longer, but for me, they're straighter without losing spin/workability. I don't know how the mad scientists did it, but well done.  I hit a couple shots with my old V's next to the new ones today and they were better off the tee and with long irons, plus they spun just as good as my old V's around the greens.  I'm not a fan of the aim marker, but I'll settle for superior performance any day. Keep up the good work. 

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  1. Mgoblue97

    Well worth the money.
  2. Manuel M

    Alot of people were not to crazy about the arrows on the ball but I actually love them. The new Pro V1/V1x's are awesome! They provide excellent distance, spin, durability and most importantly performance. Titleist is awesome!
  3. Parthur

    The arrows don't bother me, I ignore them. As I always have done, I use the "Titleist" logo for a general line up. I try to focus on the swing line/target or the hole more than the ball.

  4. Keano26

    I do like the new Prov1xs, which is what I use, but I honestly can't feel much of a difference between the new and the old. A buddy of mine also traded a few new Prov1s for a few of my Prov1xs, and I also could not tell much of a difference with them either. They look different- the dimples are much more squared or something. The durability is also much better, but I think there is still room for improvement. I use a brand new V1x every round, and by the start of the back 9, it gets a little chewed up. I am happy, though.

  5. John L

    At first id wasn't sure about he new aim marker but now i like it better than the old one. I like the new model better.

    Cheers greens and fairways to all 


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