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Pro v-1 in red/dark pink

John G

I'm kind of a golf nut and have been a golf ball "finder" for years.  I'm retired now but I'm still in the used golf ball business as a hobby.  I recently found a ball that has me puzzled.  It's a pro v-1, but the "number" is in red or dark pink like a Pro v-1x and the "Pro v-1" is also printed in red/dark pink.  Anyone seen one of these?  Anyone know why or what it is?  Thanks

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  1. Joshua L

    They were a limited run of ProV1s where the number and the ProV1 stamp were printed in pink. It's just a regular 2013 ProV1 with the pink added to it. 

  2. John G

    I appreciate the info.  Figured someone would know on this site.  Thanks again, John G.

  3. Manuel M

    They are pretty awesome! I do wish they would make the Pro V1x in this color.
  4. Fred C

    I'd love to the ProV1 and ProV1x in yellow and pink. they's sell a lot of them.

  5. John G

    I wish they would offer them in chartreuse(bright green).  I'd buy some.

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