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Old British Size

Allen P

A few days ago while at a practice facility I came across an old British size Titleist ball that was X-OUT. The stamping on the seam read PROFESSIONAL^90.  I believe the PROFESSIONAL model was produced in the early 1990s . The ruling from the USGA and R&A regarding a standard size was made almost 10 years prior. My question is somewhat two fold: Were some companies still producing this size after the ruling? Why a model such as Titleist Professional be produced long after the ruling?

One other point. As a retired military I played golf for years in Europe. A number of Pro-Shops were still selling the British size mainly to get them off inventory. I have in my possion a sleeve (still in the box) of Titleist  100 British size (1.62) with the stamping Acushnet 100 U.S.A on the seam.

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  1. Bill L

    I do remember on those really windy days the British ball sure did come in handy.

  2. Fred C

    Does any country still use the 1.60" size ball anymore? Is it still produced?

  3. Allen P

    I don't of any manufacture that still produces the 1.60" size ball. Since the ruling bodies of golf R&A and USGA had agreed to use one size it would not seem practical for any company to produce the product. One interesting point is can it still be used if it has not been removed from the Conforming List of Legal Golf Balls for compition play.

    Another point of interest is if you participate in a tournament and the tournament rules DO NOT state only golf balls listed on the Conforming List can be used for play you can use any ball you want.

  4. Fred C

    I was thinking I saw a some Japanese 1.60" balls a year or so ago. Maybe Mike from Titleist could answer this.

  5. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Fred,

    I'm not 100% sure on whether or not there is a company out there still making golf balls with a 1.60" diameter. I would guess that it is not likely as that would make it non-conforming - a ball must have a diameter of not less than 1.680 inches (42.67 mm) to conform.

    - Mike

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