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Titleist Prestige 2012 from Japan


Just picked up 2 dzn of these from Golf Mart for $23.99. Played a round with them and not to bad. Pretty durable. Can anyone tell me what American Titleist they are comparable to. Also I looked online and found them for $99 per dzn. CRAZY! Thanks for any input.

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  1. Mark L

    I live in Japan and they market them here as a premium ball.  They go for about $80/dzn in local shops and are priced about $10-$12 higher than ProV1's (not sure why).  I received a free sleeve from the Titleist apparel store in Tokyo as a promo gift and I have to say, not very impressed at all.  I got way too much side spin and didn't like the feel overall.  I do agree, a very durable cover which was great but I found it to be almost too hard which felt odd to me.  It didn't feel like a premium ball, more like a very expensive distance ball.  But, what do I know... just my $0.02

  2. ddwells34

    Thanks for the info. I have to agree, Im not impressed either. I like the durability and the green side spin, but everything else definitely feels like a distance ball.
  3. Anthony D

    A few weeks ago i purchased the same balls, and i think they are f a great ball i play the titleist NXT Tour and i think they have some real similarity's 

  4. JWood

    Bought a dozen overrun Prestige from USAGolf ($26.99). These balls do not play anything like NXT or PV1 lines. They are hard and just don't perform. I think I'll stick with the tried and trues.

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