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Colored Numbers and Side Stamps


I couldn't resist picking up a box of the pink Pro V's with the pink number and side stamp.  I'm surprised there's still some in stock.  Are there plans to offer this type of customization with numbers and side stamps in other colors?  I think it would be a cool option.

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  1. Tim Tiger

    I just wish they had some ProV1 X's in the Pink.  My custom print on the side of my orders was pink on 4 dzn and red on the other 4.   

    We still have plenty at our course as well.


  2. Robert G

    i saw some of these in my home course's club house they look really cool!!!

  3. Hotsauce

    They sure turn heads on the practice green. I usually mark my ball with a green dot, but had to go pink for the occasion. When I order my customized golf balls, I always get the Giahotsauce in green. It couldn't be too hard to switch up the ink for the number and side stamp as well

  4. Tim Tiger

    Here is the Red version of my custom order.


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