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I deserve a two stroke penalty.....

Chip N

Ok....I tried the cally Black Hex because I won a sleeve and played a "friendly" match with friends and could tell a huge difference in feel and control (or lack there of) between my Pro V1x.  It cost me score wise and pocket $$$$$$.  Not to mention the "friendly talk" and remarks.  So I do deserve a two stoke penalty for stupidity for even trying the cally ball.  By the way, the trash can now owns the balls!

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  1. Greg E

    I know how you feel Chip...  I get different golf balls as "gifts" and try to play them but no matter what brand they are, I always come back to the ProV1x.  It is the best ball for my game!  I will then re-gift the other brands to my "friends" hoping they don't perform for them as well (and who doesn't like a little edge?) 

  2. Curtis M

    Where one of my leagues is held at they don't sell Titleist.  I made the mistake of running out of prov1's and had to buy a sleeve of Srix's.   I now carry 2 cases of Prov1's in my truck just so that doesm't happen again!!!

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