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Double Digit


Hey guys, is it possible to get ProV1x balls with double digit numbers printed on them?

Feel free to post some pics if anyone has any of these?

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  1. Tim Tiger

    It's possible to custom order numbers.  Go through your local Titleist retailer.


  2. Kyle A


    I work part time at an upscale course where it seems everyone plays Titleist Pro v's.  I recover balls as a hobby during slow times and started saving each unique high numbered Pro v1 or v1x I've found since Titleist made the double digit play numbers available last year.  Hoping to find them all by the end of next season.  Always open to some help if you have one I'm missing.  I would gladly trade you balls (3:1 or something like that) or pay for them.


  3. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    That is really cool. Good luck completing the set!

  4. Mike C

    Lucky Number 13 for T. Tiger.  Love it!  Bet you don't see a lot if others playing a 13 ProV1x!

  5. Dr. Kovatchian

    Kyle - Very Cool!!!!

    Kinda like completing a full set of trading cards.

    Dr. K

  6. Chris P

    Cool collection Kyle.  Hope you complete it.

  7. Christopher T

    number 13 to honor dad, nice touch little brother.

  8. Kyle A


    Thank you for all the kind responses and wishes.  I find about 2-3 custom numbered Pro V's each time I recover balls, but am mostly finding duplicates any more.  Here's a few new additions since my original post plus a couple I found from an obvious Caddyshack fan! 


    All the Best,



  9. Dallin H


    That is a cool collection...good luck in finding lucky #75. Next time I order some balls, I need to order some 75's.

  10. Dan W

    Hi Kyle


    Just a thought but how posting a list of the numbers you're still looking for?

    Good luck with the collection.


  11. Kyle A



    Thanks for your message.  The numbers I still need to find to complete the set are:

    28, 34, 38, 43, 50, 53, 75, 78, 79, 80, 85, 86, 87, 92, 98








  12. Ryan G

    Tgw lets you order custom numbered balls

  13. brett a

    I have an 86 in my bag if you're interested!

  14. Kyle A


    Thanks for thinking of me.  I haven't updated my "still looking for" list in a few months and I did find a #86 earlier this fall.  Thanks to the difficultly of the course I recover balls at and the high percentage (>25%) of players that use (and lose) Pro V's I'm down to only needing five more numbers:   34, 53, 79, 92, 98

    Thanks again for your kind offer.  

    All the Best,


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