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Right Titleist for 1950s Strata-Bloc woods

Bill H

I recently reacquired a set of MacGregor Tommy Armous Silver Scot irons I first owned in 1953. I am going to play a round of golf at Sylvan Glen GC in Troy, Michigan where I worked as assistant pro when I bought these clubs. I will use a set of Wilson Strata-Bloc woods. What golf ball should I use so as to not damage the wood heads? (I have a dozen 15-year-old but unused Titleist wound balls, 90 compression. Would those be safe? And how dead would they be?

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  1. David Browning

    Eh, depends on what kind of conditions they were exposed to (heat, cold, etc.). As far as not wanting to damage the heads, the golf balls will be fine to use. I'd be more concerned about rocks, sand and so on. 

  2. Don O

    The cover may be harder from aging, so to protect your wrists you may want to use DT Solo or Pro V.  Both are under a 90 compression at this point.  Duffner may be playing 2009 ProVs, but doubtfull anyone has ever tested if the balls have died that far out of production.

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