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Broke into the 90's with DT SOLO

Rich P

A Hallmark day for us we both broke into the 90's at patriot hills golf course Stony point NY . I know that does not mean much to most people but to me it's a big deal. I have been practicing a lot at the range and putting green. It is finally paying off.


photo.php?fbid=10151557141200598&set=a.10150931317610598.405664.595740597&type=1&commentid=9456639&offset=0&totalcomments=3Yup I owe it to practice my clubs, putter, titelist DT solo. And pracitice, practice and more practice


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    Rich keep up the good work.i am a DT SOLO man myself and I love it.When i was a 2 handicapper my club pro introduced me to that ball for two reasons.The price is reasonable and it's easier to control.The big boy Prov1's  are for a golfer who has it all together,so on;t get caught up in that hype.If you find a ProV1 maybe you can play with it and see the difference it makes.That ball curves alot with the slightest hand drop or misalignment.I have never finished a round of golf with one,it gets lost where down the line.Far as your practice,keep up the good work on the range and continue to have a reason and goal when you practice,not just to hit balls.Don'r pressure yourself  if you can cut off two to five strokes a month on a particular course then just be grateful.If you can get at least 6 to 8 hrs a week on the range and play only on Saturday,Sunday and make sure all your homework,business and the honey due is complete ,I guarantee you will see them strokes drop off.Last thing,only take advice from the club pro's not the course pro's who can't break 80.


  2. Tom C

    Hey, Good going with breaking 90. The DT solo I think is the cheapest ball in the Titleist line-up however it is a quality ball. About 5 years ago I got a hole in one with the same ball.



  3. Joseph.Nikolai

    Awesome work breaking 90! And the feat is definitely is a big deal!! It means your hard work and commitment is paying off with results on the course! Next challenge, keep it in the 80s at all times!

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