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Not sure of what ball I tested.

andy r

Last winter the great folks at Titleist sent me a sleeve of balls to test. It was a plain white box and the balls said only "test ". I assumed it was a new version of the Pro V  because about month earlier I did a survey and mentioned  I used the NXT and Pro V series.


The balls performed great , longer than any NXT  series I ever played, was looking for some help to finally figure out what ball exactly it was.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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  1. Seamus F

    I got some too. No idea. Only 1 sleeve and it was pretty cold by then.

  2. fred k


    the official word from titleist is that it's just a test ball that they wanted the user base to try and provide feedback so they can shape the next generation of golf ball.  but the best bet is that the test balls are probably the 2013 pro v1 series - black numbers for the v1 and red numbers for the v1x. 

    i thought the test ball performed very well - better than the 2009 pro v1 series that i was running out of.  speaking of, i'm starting to run out of the limited edition pink stamped v1s, which sucks because i think the pink number and sidestamp makes the ball go further (just kidding!).


  3. Joshua A

    Do you remember what the color of the number was on those balls? If the number was red it was the new PRO V1 X, if the number was black it was the new PRO V1. At least thats what was I told by one of the Titleist Reps.

  4. Randy C

    I'm pretty sure they send you whatever ball you say you are using in your profile so that you can directly compare the two. In other words, if you say you are using the latest Pro V1x, the test ball will be a Pro V1x unmarked but usually it would have a red number. Hope that helps, Randy
  5. john c


    I had the same issue. Wish I new or could remember if the # was red or black

    I liked them very much and would buy some if I knew.


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