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Zachary W. S

I recently switched to the ProV1X. I liked the reduced spin off the driver. I was playing in a tournament a few weeks ago and I encountered a shot of 121 yards up hill to a back pin location. I hit a stock 52* swoosh VR wedge and spun the ball back al the way off the front of the green. The ball spun 29 yards !!! Has anyone else encountered these problems ?

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  1. Nate S

    Yes I actually played in a tournament in NY about 2 months ago.  The greens were soft but fast and i hit an 8 iron into the 10th green and it spun from back to front.  This is probably just a matter of the greens you were playing on or maybe just a freak shot that's one in a million. Golf is unpredictable.

  2. Jeff P

    I've noticed more wedge spin as well. But once you accommodate for the additional short iron spin, the ball is very consistent and predictable.

    On mid irons the spin is about the same as the older ProV1x and the driver spin is a bit less ... It's a really impressive ball.

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