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Found Golf Balls Late in the Season


You can sure tell it's getting late in the Golf season. I found an old ball in the trees on the 18th today, late in the season you find older balls. I showed it to the Club Pro and he told me it was probably a ball made in the 50's or 60's. That makes the ball as old or OLDER than me ... I love Golf

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  1. Mark P

    You are right on the money.  Playing this week with my Tuesday group we found a ball with a logo for a store in Massachusetts that went out of business about 17 years ago.

  2. Allen L

    Glad you mentioned this, I have found more balls over the past couple weeks.  Nothing rare or unusual, no Titleist.  The course I play on has fairly thick rough that you must avoid, the other day they cut the roughs low and it was a bonanza for finding balls.  So I gave what I picked up to my wife who could care less about choice of golf balls.

  3. Chris92009

    Amazing how golfers start using their "worthless" golf balls as the season transitions out toward winter! I admit I have done the same over the years!  

  4. SD_Golfer

    Mark P

    That's how our Pro recognized the ball, it has a Fairway Foods Logo on it, and he said he remembered playing a similar ball in high school (he is retiring in the next few years), also along the obvious seem is printed "cadwell cover" and "liquid center"

  5. Nicklaus B

    i played a couple weeks ago and found a ball buried in the bunker and when i picked it up it had japanese writing on it and was dated. when i looked it up it was from a golf school in japan in 1984. pretty crazy how golf balls get around like that

  6. Mark P

    The ball we found had Lechmere on it with the old Lechmere Sales logo.  I bought a tv from Lechmere's once.

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