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Titleist Golf Ball Fitting: Atlanta

Keith M

For anyone interested there is a fitting event Saturday, Nov 2nd from 8:30am-2pm at Legacy/Fox Creek in Atlanta. 

Strangely, it's not posted on their website,  I have the phone number to schedule a time, feel free to message me for it.  I'd rather not post the number in a public forum, since it probably violates forum rules as well.

I'm slotted in for 8:30am that morning, I think I was the first guy to call after I received the email.  If you see a tall guy, with all Titleist gear, and Team Titleist bag tag, hitting 'em poorly that morning, come by and say hello, that will be me.

I already play Pro V1x's, but to have the opportunity to hit some Titleists for free and talk with a Titleist rep is well worth it.

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  1. Keith M

    I just got back from my ball fitting this morning.  It was a lot of fun and I really appreciated the Titleist reps that were there, they were awesome.  I'm terrible with names, so I forgot all three already.  For any of the Titleist staffers that look at this thread, your people were professional, took extra time with me, helped me assess the right ball for me, and were generous.  Time and again, Titleist proves it's the best in the game for a reason.

    After letting me warm up and while they finished setting up the trackman, they had me start with 50 yard wedge shots, hitting Pro V1s.  They noticed that I had a full bag of Titleist irons (AP1s), 913D2, 913FD, Vokey wedge, and TT bag tag.  It didn't hurt that I was also wearing all FJ gear too.  When you love a brand, you stick with it.  

    They asked what ball I was using and why.  My response was "Pro V1x and because it's the best ball made."  He liked my answer.  After the wedge shots, we moved to the 6 iron.  He asked where I tended to miss the ball and analyzed my ball flight.  Then it was on to the driver to hit some more shots.  

    After that, we reviewed all the numbers.  My wedge and 6 iron spin, ball speed, and landing angle were good, although my trajectory with the 6 was a little low with the Pro V1.  With the driver, my spin rate was way too high, but that's something I've been struggling with lately, so I wasn't surprised.  He asked me a few more questions about how I liked the Pro V1x and how I liked it with the putter.  They had Titleist tees to use, which was cool too.  

    The final recommendation wasn't a big surprise, which was the Pro V1x.

    He added since I was TT member he asked if I wanted free stuff.  He gave me a handful of the Titleist tees and a half dozen Pro V1x.  I can't complain about that at all.  All in all, a great half hour spent, a lot of fun, and I learned a bit more about my game.  If you have the opportunity to do a ball fitting even like this, I would highly recommend it.

    One thing I did learn separate of the balls, was I commented on the Titleist tour patch he had on his FJ performance lined sweater.  "Yeah, those are going away soon," was his response.  I was very surprised to hear that.  

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