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How do I find what I tested so I can buy some

dustin t

I have a question for Titleist. My friend just received a sleeve of test balls. She said she does not have a profile on Titleist but did register her hole in one last year. She believed the ball was a DT/Solo. The ball she got had black lettering, numbers and sight lines. I tried one on one hole and it had a soft feel, reminded me of a NXT Tour S. She really liked the ball and will be submitting a positive review. She also said she'd like to get some of the model balls when they come out but how will she know what they were. I got what I assumed to be the 2013 ProV1X last year because thats what is on my profile but it could have been something else. Can't  Titleist send you a note after you submit your review to let you know which ball you tested.

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  1. Mark F

    Dear Titleist,

    I agree with Dustin.  I realize that you don't what any preconceived notions while the test is going, but once someone has posted their review couldn't you let us know what we tested so that we can buy the right ball when they do get to market?  Thanks.

    Mark F

    PS. I received a sleeve the other day. I think that they are the DT SoLo because they feel pretty soft, just like the SoLos I play.

  2. Frank J

    I am giving a report back on recently received...

    * Titleist Test Golf Balls!  Played a round using all 3.  Yes I lost 2 of them in the Creek. 

    Putted with them first before starting the round.  Went very straight held the line well.  Did not require me to bring my putter head back any father than normal to get same action or distance.

    Report; OK, very very soft. 

    Softest ball I have played since using an old Ballata.  But, cool part got almost the same distance as I get with my regular ball.  Approximately 5 to 8 yards shorter but it grabs the club and lands soft and stops.  I mean stops, no I do not have the player ability to back my ball up like pros. 

    This ball is very player/user friendly.  I now play the NXT Tour S due to softness.  I like a soft ball and this boy does the trick.

    Now knowing that what did I play and where and when can I by a dozen?

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