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what is the life of the golf ball

clayton t

i work part time at driving range we notice scuff marks on the balls owner thinks its the picker i think that it is that the balls need to be replaced i know they are over year old........ my question is how many rounds of golf before it starts getting scuff marks

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  1. Don O

    About 3 holes if I'm playing the tree trunks and cart path.

  2. Allen L

    Ranges and range balls.  I'll give you more than you asked for, I can't help myself when it comes to golf opinion.  There are two types of ranges, ones good for loosening up only, and ones for practice.  On a loosening up range, the balls don't matter that much, but for a practice range the balls are quite important.  So it depends on what your range is really meant for.

    If you have a range for serious practice by your advanced players, then practice range quality and range ball quality are important.  Range setup is also important.  I want consistent balls and accurate yardage markers, a small green at 100, 150, and 200 yards out.  No matts and those rubber tees.  The hitting area I want flat, no slope, grass with tight lies, and some thick for rough practice.

    Just my thinking, with range fees what they are, at a minimum a practice range ought to replace all balls each season and all balls should be of the same brand, preferably Titleist.  I say Titleist because it is the most used ball that I see being played by serious amateurs and what a player wants is a ball on the practice range that performs similar to what will be played on the course.

    To your question.  In my case a new ball right out of the box will show some paint shine loss with just one round, nothing serious.  Tells me that my wedges are doing their job.  After daily use for a week the scuffing is more noticeable and I'll replace it.  Hope this helped some.

  3. clayton t

    .yeah the bigget thing about the owner he seem want to buy used range balls and keep them over a year...... a good many balls are showing signs of being used up the top coat finish is gone and some have scuff marks even little slices

  4. Greg K

    Well put!  I think the type of range is relevant to the type of balls that are on the range.  As the hitting area moves to service the grass area, I wish/hope that the distances are adjusted too. 

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