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test balls legal for tourny?

clayton t

thought i put this ball in play.

are test balls legal for competiton?  this question was also asked about X-

out balls. i love to research stuff so looking this up 

      so the ball is allowed unless there is strong evidence to suggest that it doesn't conform to the Rules. The ball would be illegal if it were heavier than 1.62 ounces, smaller than 1.68 inches in diameter, or if there were strong evidence that it didn't meet the spherical symmetry standard (for example, a ball designed to self-correct in flight) or initial velocity standard (a "hot" ball)

also found that as long as brand name is not X-Out the ball would be treated as a logo ball

the test ball i recieved from titleist same size as my pro v1, pro v1x, NXT tour, DT solo. 

the real question would titleist send out golf balls to be tested by so many that they did not check see if it complies to the rules?

i think not 

so i have to say i think the balls are legal even tho they say test 

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Clayton,

    Here is a little insight and clarification around your question. While these prototype golf balls stamped "Test" are USGA conforming, they have not been submitted to the USGA for listing on the Conforming Ball List.  Because they do not appear on the Conforming Ball List, please do not not use these prototypes in any tournament play. 

    Here is the link to Rule 5 on USGA which also talks about the Condition of Competition rulings for tournaments and the List of Conforming golf balls:

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