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Test Balls

Paul C

I got my sleeve of test balls last week. I played them on Sunday, it was breezy and only 40 degrees. The ball sounded soft off the driver but seemed to be about the same distance as the Pro V1. Off the irons is where I saw a big difference. I play Titeist CB 710 irons and the ball jumped off the club. I was hitting my 7 through wedge about 5 yards further.  I was always past the hole. Very easy to control. Most of the time it went very straight which is my normal ball flight but got behind a tree and had to hit a draw around the tree and it was very easy to do with this ball. I will be waiting for Spring to see how they act when the weather is warm.

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  1. chuck p

    I also received a sleeve of Titleist "test" Balls. I really liked them. They were soft, ,had good  spin and were  long. I also received an email for responding to test balls, but had not yet played the ball. After playing the "test" balls I was going to respond to survey but could not find it in my email. It was either deleted inadvertently or otherwise disappeared.

    I liked the ball very much, as aforementioned. When they are put on market I would like to be notified or made aware under  what name they are marketed .


  2. Arnel S

    I played the sleeve of yellow test balls I received and it played really well. It feels really good and so easy to control.

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