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Black 1 Test Golf Balls

Bert B

Received a sleeve of Black 1 Test Golf Balls that looked like Tour NXT S.  The distance and carry was excellent.  Putted and rolled very well.  Were not as long as the Titleist Velocities, but were real close.  Had the spin and the feel of the Pro V 1.  Thank you for the opportunity to test these balls.  Looking forward to future test balls.

Bert Blankenship

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  1. William H

    I'm not convinced they are NXT Tour S. They are too soft around the greens- they spin and check much better than the NXT Tour S that I bought when they first came out. There is a caveat- the NXT Tour S that I bought were yellow.

    I really loved the around the greens but despite a great feel off of the driver they don't travel as well as say the old NXT Tour.

    Osprey Golfer

  2. David L

    Found these test balls to be the most responsive with the 7 - GW. I could stop the ball on the green with any club that I used from about any lie. When putting with the ball it felt soft and rolled out as good as any ProV1 or NXT Tour S that I play most of the time.

    Thank you for the opportunity to test these balls and can we find out what the name of the ball is after its release so we may purchase a dozen for play.


    Dave Loveland


  3. Kevin J

    I agree that the ball resembles the NXT Tour S. I played 15 holes with two of the balls and felt that it was extremely responsive off all the clubs. The spin was there but never over spun which is nice. The only downside to the ball is the lack of spin on lower shots around the green. It was possibly the best ball I've ever putted in terms of feel and roll. It's easily a ball I would play in the winter.

  4. Ray G

    I think you will find it is the new ProV,  so my local pro tells me.

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