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Ball Fitting


Does Titleist do regional/local ball fittings?  I not 100% sure which ball I want to use and would like to be able to make an educated decision.  But I've never seen a local time/place to actually test the different balls and see how they compare.  I know I could buy a sleeve of each and try them out, but I'd like to see some real data and talk it over with someone more knowledgable.  

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi tdogg21,

    We definitely do. You can check out the event page for a list of upcoming events here:

    Select "Titleist Golf Ball Fitting Events" in the first drop down. This page is updated regularly as new dates are added.

    Let us know if you have any trouble and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.



  2. tdogg21

    Found it.  Thanks!  I had been to that page before to finding fitting days, but didn't notice you can change what you were searching for to see ball fittings.  I'll keep checking, but I doubt I will find anything before spring in the Northeast.  I'm hoping to make a decision before the season starts in hopes of capitalizing on some of the deals.  But that might not be possible this year.

  3. Keith M


    As someone who recently went to a ball fitting event, here in Atlanta, I highly recommend it.  (I posted about it on the TT board after I was finished.)

    Long story short, they have you hit wedge, 6 or 7 iron, and driver shots with Pro V1s.  Once complete, they compare your spin, launch, landing angle, etc. and make a recommendation on how you hit the ball. 

    As an aside, the Titleist reps were awesome, very helpful, and it was great to be able to ask questions and hit some golf balls.  Plus they gave me some freebies, which was even better. 

  4. tdogg21

    thanks!  i'll have to keep my eyes out for the first ball fitting in my area next spring.  i want to make sure i'm buying the best ball for my game before i shell out a bunch of money on a premium ball.

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