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Test Ball Feedback

Jeffrey H

Thank you for the opportunity to test the prototype test golf balls.

Good distance, consistent throughout the bag.  Good spin and consistent roll on the greens.

The ball felt a little too hard for my liking, my preference is for a softer feel to the ball.

Thanks again.



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  1. Barry H

    Had a chance to try these new prototypes and thank you Titleist for allowing me to do so. Out of the 2 I was presented with I feel the black was a little firmer of the face and because of this I do prefer the red numbered balls. 

    Flight was piercing and kept going in the air. Even in the cold Scottish winter air and I am glad I never lost any as I will be keeping these for Spring/Summer. The red ball was more reactive around the greens and I really liked the feel of it off the face of my putter. 

    Black Ball - 6/10

    Red Ball - 9/10

    If you never brought out the new Pro V1s I would be chomping at the bit to play the Red numbered balls.

  2. stephen s

    Received the golf balls last week and tried out them at my local golf club.

    Hit the ball with the Driver off the first tee, Responsive, penetrating flight  against the cool Scottish air.

    With a wood to the green same effect and landed onto the green. 

    Afterwards the putt was smooth and near to the hole.

    Finish off with a par.

    Played well throughout the round.

    My overall feeling is that it plays better than the current Pro V! and look forward to purchasing some of these when they go on sale.

    Thank you for the opportunity to play with these prototype test golf balls. Will try them out throughout the winter hoping that I will have some left to play in the good weather during Spring and Summer.


  3. Ian S


    Got 2 sleeves the other day and managed to get out today to test them:

    Let me start with the Black.

    Seemed straight off the tee and held it's line well enough in the Force 5 wind. Seemed to "Click" off the face of the driver and would indicate that it is maybe a bit more of a distance ball than the Red. Around the greens was fine, nothing outstanding but comparable to a lot of mid range balls. Also seemed to be firmer than the DT Solo which I normally play at this time of year due to wet, soggy and windy conditions. Pitching ok with them, again no real difference from a lot of other brands, same with chips although putts felt nice and held their line well.

    Onto the Red's.

    I would put these in the bag right now! Good distance off the tee, felt nice to hit as a little softer IMO. Pitches and chips all had decent spin and held the green nicely today! Was a little damp and the greens were fairly soft so managed a bit of backspin with the reds whereas the blacks rolled on a little (not massively) but struck with the same iron and I also hit a solo into the green to see what happened between the 3. Red held it's landing, Solo ran on about 2-3 ft and the Black rolled on 4-5ft.

    On the downside I shoved all 3 reds into the water hazard on the 17th trying to drive the green! They had survived intact until that point and didn't seem to show any sign of scruffs or where and tear... and to be fair to them, they were played out of sand, divots, I chipped a lot with them (was bored waiting for the players in front to clear the green so spent 15 mins chipping and playing them out of the 3 green side bunkers) so they all got hit many times more than an average round would have taken out of them and by the 17th I don't think any of them had any scuffs... so they wore incredibly well.

    I finished off with the blacks as by the 5th they had taken 2nd place by then! The blacks did well and I finished on a par.

    All in all I wouldn't kick either of them out of the bag, although I suspect the red is the premium or more premium ball of the two. Suspect velocity replacement in the black and NXT Tour as the Red?! Don't think either are quite Pro V standard but playable all the same.

    Thanks for the opportunity to test the balls and I wish more manufacturers took the time and expense to ask the playing public what they think! It is refreshing and appreciated and makes me glad I use Titleist as my preferred ball anyway!

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