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Test Balls

Bob C

My lack of time and ability to play at this time of year means that so far i have only managed to test the red numbered ball.
My feelings are good - it has good distance with all clubs and reasonable spin control. I prefer a harder feel ball. I usually play with a NXT Tour S, especially at this wetter time of the year and this ball felt very similar. If i was asked to describe it in one easy sentence it would be " an NXT Tour S cover with a ProV1 X internals". I play off of 4 handicap and tend to generate a lot of spin so a harder cased ball suits my game. This ball seemed to give the distance, flight and putting feel of the NXT and the spin control of the ProV1 X. That may be slightly influenced by the wetter, grippier greens but definately a good ball and if I was given any more I wouldn't have a problem playing in any conditions with them. Overall rating of 8/10 Black numbered ball to follow.

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  1. Stephen M

    How does one go about getting on the test program?  I would be a suitable tester, as I'm very sensitive to equipment change.

  2. Bob C

    @Stephen - as far as i'm aware it's a "luck of the draw" situation. So long as you are a member of the Titleist website, there is a chance you'll be selected. Keep filling in the surveys as i'm sure they take notice of feedback from those.
    If anyone else know more, please add onto this thread.

  3. Bob C

    I have been very careful not to review the "black" ball too quickly as the weather has been awful!!

    My over-riding thought with this ball is that it has a slightly harder feel than the red ball. It does seem to travel slightly further and with a similar launch angle. The spin control was difficult to judge as the greens at my club are very wet at the moment making it very "pluggy"!!

    The over-all durability seemed better with the red ball. The black did scuff on both occasions that i used it, where as the red ball only marked when i miss hit it thin out of a fairway bunker!! Having said that, it was no worse than the NXT tour S balls i am currently using.

    If i was asked to chose between these, I would pick the red. It felt better when putting and seemed to have better spin control. If you are after purely distance then the black ball would be the one. I think it was probably 10 yards longer on average over the black.

    Unfortunately the weather was a large factor in my test results as it was cold (10 deg C ish) and damp (wet ground and vey wet greens) during all 4 rounds where i tried the new balls. Assuming the results would be magnified in warmer weather, the above reviews would be easier to differentiate between.

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