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nxt tour practice ball

Min S

What are the difference between practice marked ball at driving range and retail version.

My question is ball speed and spin rate...not whether you can play in tournament.

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  1. Don O

    If the ball is clearly labeled NXT Tour and also has Practice, it can be considered a conforming ball with a logo.  Generally these are blemish rejects.  Getting one out of the box should be the same.  Getting one from a bucket after it has been cycled over 100 times may be different.  These balls aren't marked Range and/or with large stripes?  Outside of a USGA Women's Open and exclusive clubs with ProV1's, I've never seen anything w/o a Range designation.

  2. tdogg21

    I've seen a lot of courses lately have range balls marked "PRACTICE."  I'm thinking they are probably the same as the practice balls you can find in a store.  But maybe not.  Either way, they are going to be abused and beat pretty badly.  Not to mention and time spent out in the elements.  So you can be pretty certain they aren't going to perform as well as a new ball.

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