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Test balls from torquay pro shop

Susan Y

I have played 2 rounds of golf with the test ball and have played better than normal. I found the ball nice to hit off the tee fair to chip and very good to putt with. The match on sunday was a mixed club match and my husband enjoy his game he said the ball has a good long flight, good for pitching, and a very good feel with the putting. Please could you let us know the name of the ball. Many thanks I have won two vouchers and my husband one!

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  1. David L

    I was picked for the "test ball" sample group, last month.  I took the ball to a corporate outing in Ocean City, Md.  I couldn't tell if the ball was just too hard - or had a really high compression... or, if I was just trying too hard to make them out to be the Greatest Ball I ever played.  I have played the NXT for several years and really liked them, even more than I like the proV1.  I have decent club speed for Irons and woods, but just don't hit the ProV like the pros and learned that a little softer compression gives significantly better results.

    Thank you for allowing me to try the new ball out, I appreciate the opportunity.  A pro level guy could probably compressed it and make it scream.  I couldn't keep it in the fairway.

    thanks, Sincerely,


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