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james c

Firstly thank you for the two sleeves of test balls. They were very gratefully received. I and friends have played both balls. I gave them out asking for their feedback. First the "red" balls. These were fantastic. A very straight flight, extra distance - 10 yards to myself but 30 yards to my 8 handicap friend. He was looking for his drive about his normal PRO V1 distance but this way beyond that. Strange that a 15 h@cap said he had difficulty hitting it!! Do'nt know why. He lost it later. The "black" balls are entirely different. They are still flying straight but do not have the same distance. To me they seem like a PRO V1 with the same more harder feel to them. My 8 h'cap friend felt they seemed very similar to his normal PRO V1. All have spoken about the lack of side spin and straighter flight on both balls. I loved the new VELOCITY but this "red" ball is much much better.


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  1. Mark S

    Finally had some decent weather to comprehensively test the prototype balls.

    The test balls provide great distance. Around the green I didn't get the feel or the control as I normally do with a NXT Tour S.

    The test ball feels a little hard for my liking, but no complaints about the distance.

    Many thanks Titleist.

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