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Test Golf balls

Roy W

Many thanks for the test balls..Played 3 rounds with each of red and black numbered balls. Both types produced excellent playability and touch. Extra length on both was a bonus for an elderly golfer with restricted movement and both provided good feel around the greens, although I gave slight preference to the reds in this respect. These balls undoubtedly look to maintain the Titleist market edge  and I look forward to playing them on a more regular basis.  Regards, Roy W.

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  1. Sean R

    Just curious Roy, was there anything else you noticed in respect to the red numbered balls as compared to the black besides green side control? Either way, I'm glad to hear that Titleist is continuing their top-notch reputation in the golf ball world. 

  2. Roy W

    Hi, Sean. I did not really notice too much other difference between the balls, although the few yards extra distance both achieved was very welcome, as age and infirmities have restricted my swing speed. I have always felt more comfortable playing the red NXT series and ProV1 balls, so there may be a little psychological preference there! Certainly there was enough difference in greenside feel to determine my choice. I much appreciate the opportunity to test the new balls. Regards, Roy  
  3. Lynn P

    This is to thank Titleist for the "Test" golf balls.  I was given one sleeve of reds, kept one ball and gave two to my playing partners (unfortunately).  I didn't expect anything different since I use Titleist exclusively.  Then I was humbled.  The test balls have a wonderful feel.  I'd love to buy more … if I only knew what they were and where to find them.  I lost the questionnaire from Titleist asking for my assessment, hence my writing on this site.  Wish I could get the two back I gave away.  Thanks again.

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