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Test Balls = Best Round Ever !!

Sebastian P

A few weeks ago I received a box with 3 test balls..... The first thing I want to say is that I just played my best round of golf ever with those balls, actually with that ball (same ball 18 holes) amazing. I hit 85% of the fairways (I used to be in the 60%) and also improved my GIR that was the worst part of my game, I improved it from 6% to 28%.

The most peculiar about all is that I didn't take classes and I din't go to the driving range ... I don't know maybe all happened by chance but I really think the balls made a big difference in my game.

I don't used to play Titleist balls because I think they are little bit overpriced, but I'm really looking to know those particular balls price and name to buy it without any doubt !

Thanks Titleist for the opportunity and I hope to know ASAP the ball name !

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  1. Russ P

    I too received a sleeve of "test" balls from the Titleist Golf Ball R & D Department. Mine were marked "test" and had red numbers. I have yet to have any follow-up from the R & D Department. I currently have been using the NXT Tour. I tested the bounce off concrete of the NXT and the Test ball. I found the Test ball bounced a bit higher of the concrete compared to the NXT Tour Ball. I found the test ball came off my putter much faster than the NXT Tour. I, also, found increased distance of fairway metals and all my iron shots. Particularly, my 9 through lob wedge. I really like the ball and would like some communication from the R & D Department to find out where this new ball is going to be positioned and what is the name of the ball I tested. I am hoping that this reply will make its way to the R & D Department.
  2. Richard F

    I agree, best round ever, every thing is just what you said, and my regular use ball is NXT Tour. 

    Thanks for your input, want to be able to buy some.

    Richard F.

  3. andy r

    Great improvement in those numbers Sebastian , I am the increase was part your swing and the great Titleist ball.

    Now at least you will have the confidence that the Titleist balls will perform far better than any other ball .

  4. Sebastian P

    Second round with the same single ball ... Amazing, I really wanna know the name of those balls !!!
  5. Marv A

    I have played 2 rounds with the same ball in the cold with hard fairways and greens and it has performed better than expected given the conditions.

  6. Matthew P

    thanks for the input for the balls.. i hope to receive some

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