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Switching from NXT to PRO V Series

andy r

I was wondering are the many folks who have switched balls recently from the NXT TOUR to the Pro V and how favorable are the results they have seen.

I have switched back and forth on occasion but my last two rounds I had used the PRO V1X version and had pretty good success , especially around the greens .

I am contemplating a full time switch but since the cost difference is not small so just wanted get other opinions.

Thanks for any help in advance. Play well  all .

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  1. Don O

    I still list the NXT Tour on my profile, but I am down to my last sleeve and have been accumulating ProV1x for this year.  Since I'm down to contributing  0-2 balls a round to the aftermarkets, the price difference is not as horrific as when it was 6+.  They are about equal on distance and I want to improve my short game to get balls to check up more.

    I'm still undecided to take advantage of the loyalty purchase in March if it becomes available again.  The ProV products at 4 boxes for the price of 3 is a great deal, but the 3 dozen I have will likely last the year.  That takes the difference down to 0.50 a ball over the NXT Tour.

    The NXT Tour S in amber tends to spin more on the long clubs than the NXT Tour/ProV1x (more like the ProV1??) so I am undecided when I'm playing by myself on a cloudy day.  I can't use white and follow the ball far enough to track it to where it lands, so my cloudy day ball is still up in the air..  Unless Titleist offers a special loyalty program of yellow ProV1x.  I'll take 4 boxes....

  2. Ryan E

    Your better off with Dt solo unless your a scratch golfer- which in that case god bless you. if you do the research the solo has long game spin only surpassed by velocity and short game spin almost identical to NXT. plus they are $20.00. if you dont have the talent to play on tour the ProV is a waste of money.

  3. Randy K

    I would disagree with Ryan. You don't have to be a tour pro for Pro V's or NXT tours. I tried a lot of different golf balls and it comes down to play-ability. Ideally you want a ball that feels good of any club and the putter but also reacts predictable. Some of my friends play non spinning rocks and their short game suffers because of this. Please play a ball that you like for your short game first as this is where most strokes are gained and lost. Happy golfing, it's -5 degrees here.

  4. andy r

    Randy K   - I agree  Pro V while expensive are not just for scratch players. Just the extra 10 yards off the tee is enough to help any level players game as well as the consistency off the tee.

    As I slowly improve at this great game I notice the performance around the green as an essential for shaving numbers off the scorecard. BTW here in CT it's supposed to get up to 28* today and possibly 40 by Saturday so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Play well .

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