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Testing and Ball Fittings

Connor J

I was just wondering if anyone can tell how or what I can do to receive a sleeve of test balls. Also I would love to do a real test/fitting between the ProV1 and ProV1X ball but I can't ever find any local place that will do them. What should I do? Thanks, Connor

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  1. Don O

    The folks for testing are picked mostly at random.  Having the ProV in your profile will improve your odds when they start to seed the 2015 release later this coming summer.  Participating in discussions may also add.  The balls will not be marked as ProV1 or ProV1X as they want you to compare it to your current ball with an open mind.

    Check under golf clubs above on this site for traveling fittings in your area.  In the upper Mid-west it may be in June or July.  You can also check with Titleist dealers in your area as many courses will co-host demo days for clubs and/or balls.  If you can find a demo day, the Titleist reps will check your flight on a range with a trackman and advise you on the best ball for you. Usually they will provide a sample sleeve two.

  2. Chris S

    Hi Connor,

    You can do what a lot of TT members do and buy a sleeve of each ProV1 and ProV1x and do your own testing. I like starting on the green and work my way back to the tee. I will start by hitting a bunch of putts, chips and pitches around the practice greens. For me, I will have a pretty good idea which ball I like after that. Again, for me, those are the most important shots since they make up the majority of your score.

    From there I will try to get out on the course alone when its slow, so I can play 2 balls on every shot. 1 with a ProV1, the other a ProV1x. Keep score and stats for each ball and pay attention how each reacts from the rough, sand or any lie you may encounter.

    Whatever you think you need to do to test them out, go for it!

    Hope that helps,

     Chris S, ProV1x

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