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Peter H

Around a year ago, after the Zurich Classic, I was playing my home course where it is held and my friend and I were finding many balls out the woods and water. We came upon a ProV1x+. I did not know if this was customized or just a ball played by tour players. I was wondering if i can purchase these anywhere or not? 


Peter Hansen 

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  1. Chris S

    Hi Peter,

    Those are tour only and just have a liitle different flight pattern.

     Chris S

  2. Chris92009

    Peter, this might have been a ball that a tour pro was using and/or someone got a hold of it eventually losing it at your course.  Regardless, these variance of ProV1's are not available for purchase as far as I know unless you are on the Pro Tour.  I know when I was at Oceanside TPI getting fit last year that they had a variety of different balls for players including the standard ProV1 and ProV1x.  

    They separated by numbering them...that way when they are picked and sorted the fine print doesn't need to be read on the side of the balls.  The difference in balls is slight but are designed for each individual was explained to me that majority of non tour players are covered in the two main production balls.  

    Hope this helps!


  3. David C

    Wow, I wish I was good enough where I needed a pro v that fits me exactly...
  4. Dan H

    Interesting, I didn't know the tour had their own balls that weren't offered to the public.  Makes sense, but didn't know companies tailored the balls to the individual players like that. 

  5. Brandon R

    Recently at the Waste Management Phoenix Open my friend and i were given golf balls by numerous pros when they were done using the ball. we were standard bearers and they also signed the balls. two of the balls said Prov1+ and Prov1x with a dot after the x i asked the Pro what the + was for and he said it spins more and doesn't go as far. does anyone have an idea of what the dot after ProV1X is? we also got a Prov1x+ as well. he also said we would see them in stores soon:)

  6. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to jump in and provide a quick note on the topic. 

    The golf balls have the same basic construction from the core, casing, cover and dimple pattern. The only minor difference is a slight variation in flight/trajectory (i.e. the Pro V1x+ has a slightly higher flight) that some players on tour like to see.

    Thanks again.

    - Mike

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