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Velocity vs. Pro v1(x)?

Samuel G

This could be a very dumb and/or stupid question but I've been curious.  With the velocity golf ball being all about distance, is it longer than the Pro v1 and Pro V1x.  Obviously both the pro v's give the player much more spin and control, but does it go further than the velocity?


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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Samuel,

    Good question. One thing to keep in mind is that all Titleist golf balls are long and driver distances between each model are within 4-6 yards of each other, regardless of swing speed.

    So you're best bet is to find the golf ball that provides the best scoring performance to help you shoot lower scores.

    And check out our golf ball fitting section for even more great info:



  2. Andrew W

    No such thing as a dumb question. 


    I've hit both balls and I noticed two things when it comes to differences.  First is feel as the Velocity is a lot firmer feel than both the ProV1's.  Second is greenside spin.  Even though the Velocity checks it doesn't spin nearly as much as either ProV1.

  3. Don O

    While all are long, and the distance difference off of driver may not be a great deal of difference with a machine stroking perfectly each time, how you hit the ball does.  Whether it ends up in the fairway or in the trees 40 yards off of the fairway, and how much spin you can apply to your approach shot does vary dramatically.  I used to hit a Pro-v1 as far as any ball, but something like the old NXT, more like the current Velocity, would be in the first cut of rough, but the Pro-V1 would be almost as far out of bounds as it was down the fairway.  More of a 45 degree path to fairway.

    If your results are as good or better overall with Velocity than with a Pro-V on hitting greens, then it is the best ball for you.  I've improved my slices so that Pro-V1x/NXT Tour are as long or longer (and in the fairway) than the old NXT (and I ran out of that stash...) and they definitely will hold a green a whole lot better, for me. 

  4. SD_Golfer

    I agree with Andrew.  I like the way the Pro V1 handles around the green more than the Velocity.  Having said that, I don't mind playing the Velocity early spring and late fall when I am looking for more of a hit and run approach.

  5. Thomas C

    Samuel - I was playing the velocity instead of the ProV1X over the past two weeks while I worked through "the shanks".  I had no problem with any aspect of the velocity while using it but once I went back to the ProV1X, I immediatesly noticed the difference in feel and "hop and stop" control around the greens.  The ProV1X feels like butter coming off the woods and AP2 irons and I didn't have to allow as much distance for roll-out on the greens. 

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