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Cold Weather Performance Pro V1 v. Pro V1x

Golden Balls

Does the cold weather alone create a difference in performance between the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x.  Has anyone noticed that Pro V1 golf balls fly father than Pro V1x balls do in the cold?




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  1. John R

    I prefer th Pro V1. This past weekend I played in my state 4ball championship. After the 1st round I was telling my partner I was struggling with my distances. My tee balls were shorter and my irons were traveling a little over 90% of my usual distance. The weather was high 40's and wind was blowing. The next day I switched the Pro V1x and I noticed a considerable difference. The ProV1x traveled much better through the wind and the ball flew further. I will probably switch to the Pro.V1 when it warms up because I like its performance around the green but I will now play the X when it is cold and windy.

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