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Test golf balls

Roger M

Last summer I was sent 3 balls to test for Titleist. The balls are white with black lettering. The word was simply "Test". They were the longest ball I have ever played; and I'd like to know if they are now in production. I need to purchase some.. Thanks. Roger Mott 2068 Michael Ave SW Wyoming, MI 49509

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  1. Dennis W

    I too, was the recipient of a sleeve of "Test" balls and found extra yardage and control.  What were they?

  2. jkjantzen

    I also received a sleeve of test balls. Let other members of my group hit them, everybody had good things to say about them.  Would like the name of the balls and if they are on the market yet!

  3. George D

    I also received the sleeve of "Test" golf balls.  I finally got to try them out after cold weather, windy weather etc.  They hit further and straighter than any other brands that I have used.  In fact I have been out with them three times and haven't lost them to water/woods or any other hazard!!  Can't wait to try them again.  Being retired w/o a pension I wish they were in my price range and I would not look at any other ball.  Thanks Titleist!  Congratulations to Bubba.

    George,  Tulsa, OK

  4. Doug E

    I'm guessing they were the new NXT Tour or Tour S balls. But it is pure speculation based on the fact that I tested the ProV for 2013 in late 2012. So I'm thinking the NXT Tour would have been tested in late 2013 for 2014. And, they do seem to be a touch longer than the ProVs I regularly play. They're even pretty good around the green.

  5. matt P

    I too was sent these test balls! They were the best balls I've ever hit. Mine had red numbers. I too would also love to know what I was playing!! 

  6. Luke W

    I wasnt sent any this year :(

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