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Prototype testing complete

Sean S

After two rounds and hours on the practice greens n bunkers, I'm done. The square was my winner hands down. Felt a little firmer than the circle but responded in every way I needed. The stopping ability on chips was one of the most impressive qualities. I had good mid irons with the circle but it never really wowed me. If the circle was a pro v or a nxt I would be surprised and feel like I have bad judgement. Anybody else feel the circle was a total experiment ball and the square is the next pro v1x? Another opportunity to say thank you to Titleist! Such a fun experience. 

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  1. william b

    I also found the square ball to be the better ball of the two.  The circle ball seemed to nick fairly easy and to me appeared to be some kind of surlyn or ionomer cover.  The square ball was very durable.  Had lots of fun testing. Thanks Titleist.

  2. keith d

    Keith D. May 04, 2014

    After playing two rounds with the circle golf ball and two rounds with square golf ball. I found the circle golf ball to be more softer and longer than the square golf ball. The circle golf ball spinner more on the greens. The square golf ball released then checked up after the second bounce. The circle golf ball where a little more softer off the putter face. It checked up exceptional well out of the green side bunkers. I will definitely recommend this golf ball to the lower handicap players. I will definitely recommend this golf ball to all my friends. I really enjoyed the testing experience. I would like to thank titliest for this great experience. I would also like to thank titliest for making such great golf balls and great equipment. Keep up the good work!!!!! :-)
  3. Anthony D

    i ended up liking the circle ball better but felt my testing was incomplete. i missed 8 days of possible use because they came the same day i left to go out of town on a golfing trip which would have been the perfect testing grounds. but since i turned in my results ive had the opportunity to the play then both a little more and was fairly happy with both. the square ball worked very well the second time around. this being my first test ever i wish i had  more time for a more complete review but had fun doing it nevertheless. i hope im chosen again in the future and knowing what i know now i would know what to look for more during a round with balls. thanks again titleist for the opportunity and look forward to doing it again

  4. Scott S

    I played the square ball 2 rounds, and then played it Sunday on my local course, off the 2nd Tee shot, hit a bad drive, and I have a feeling plugged it into some soft stuff in the rough.  Sorta made me upset honestly, but I agree with the masses, that ball had amazing action on chip shots and swinging a 3 wood with it I made shots that stuck that a normal ball would have rolled off the green.  I agree whole heartedly that the square was the winner to me as well.  The circle ball was definately harder and not near as responsive to iron shots.  If it is the "new" Pro V 1x then I will start playing them all the time.  I played the rest of the round on Sunday with my srxn Q star.....I like them alot, but they dont have near the "forgiveness" that the square ball did.

  5. Carl T

    I found the square ball to be my winner also as it added 15 to 20 yards to my driver and stopped well on the green. The round ball was OK but overall the square wins by a nose.
  6. Freddy P

    I also favored the square ball - much better performance across the board compared to the circle ball. I am thankful for being chosen to participate, this is such a unique and exciting experience! 

    Thanks Titleist!

  7. Carl T

    I lost the last of my test balls yesterday. I was down to the one with the square which I liked the best. I could hit this ball a country mile and it turned the clock back 15 years for me as far as distance is concerned. Players in my group all remarked on how much further my drives were. I got to use short to mid irons for long par 4's instead of hybrids and my 3 wood. But all good things came to an end when a 3 club wind held up my ball and it splashed into the lake. Again, I would like to thank Titleist for the opportunity to test these prototype golf balls and I would buy and play the square ball if I knew what it was and if it will become available to the public.
  8. Scott S

    Im with you Carl! I will definately be buying that ball if they ever told us what it will/would have been.  It has been an awesome experience with playing the Prototype "square"....


    Thanks Titleist!

  9. joe v

    Thanks Titleist!  I enjoyed being a part of the process to test the golf balls provided.  For me, the ball with the circle works best for me -- the trajectory, stability in the wind, workability and how it reacts from around and on the greens.  In addition, the life and durability of the ball is great!  

    Thanks again for the opportunity.


  10. Seth R

    Thank you Team Titleist for the opportunity! I had a great time testing these prototypes. After testing, I think the square ball fit my game better based on distance, control, and consistency.  However, the cover on the circle ball looked better after the same amount of play as the square ball. With that said, add me to Team Square!

  11. Logan P

    It is really cool testing these prototype balls. I also liked the square ball better than the circle. The circle did go farther off the tee but the square was better overall. I don't think either one was a new Pro V. The square may be a Pro V1x but it seems a little harder other Pro V1x.

    Thanks again to Titleist...


  12. Jay B

    How do you get to test these? -Jay B.
  13. ray f

    I too liked the square better. All around playability, especially around the greens, made it a better ball in my opinion. The circle ball seemed to have a little more feel at times but especially off the driver the square was superior.

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