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Test Ball

Donald B

Sometime in the late fall of 2013 I received a sleeve of Test balls. The letter said there would be a survey in about two weeks but I didn't get a chance to play the balls before winter hit. I put them in my car and forgot about them until this week. I have since played two of the best rounds in a long time with these balls that have the Test markings on them. I'm in love with this ball and want to switch since I usually play a competitor brand ball. Any idea I can find out the exact model I have? I played 18 holes today with the same ball and that for me is unheard of. I want more!!

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  1. DaveB

    I found a ball a couple of weeks ago with the exact same marking on it.  I played it for about 20 holes or so before it found a watery grave.  I also liked the feel and characteristics of that ball.  It actually felt very similar to the NXT Tour ball that I play.

  2. Ken M

    I received the same sleeve late last year and emailed titleist asking for the type of ball.  Never received a response. 

  3. Don O

    They were test balls, and the actual ball may not have made it to market. The usual comment on the white ball with a red numeral was it was a lot like the NXT-Tour. There were also white balls with black numerals and an optic yellow. Wouldn't even qualify as speculation to suggest NXT-Tour-S and DT-Solo for those 2. Since none of the Test balls had an orange numeral, some may have been Velocity.
  4. Dennis G

    Titleist had a table set up at a big retailers memorial day sale here in Southern Calif. and I asked the rep if he knew what the black lettering black number test ball was that I received last October. He told me it was the NXT Tour-S. He gave me a two ball sleeve and they hit like I remembered so I bought a dozen and tried them out and have to say they played like I remembered the test ball being. Long and smooth off the woods and the irons, easy to work it, and soft off the putter. Even with the soft feeling the cover seems very resilient.

  5. Mark E

    Titleist sent me a couple of DT-Solo balls to try and I was delighted with the.  They felt soft through the ball strike which gave me lots of confidence using them.  They offered lots of control around the green and were a joy to putt with.  I'll be switching to these from now on.

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