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Swing Speed Discussion

Bubba Certified Titleist Fitting Professional Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist, 

We have had some great responses, and a lot of questions on a recent post discussing the effect of swing speed in choosing the right golf ball.

When choosing the right golf ball, it is important for golfers to take all shots into consideration. However, because most shots occur in the range of 150 yards and in, it is important to make these shots the focal points of your golf ball selection.  Begin with shots around the green and progressively move back to the tee. 

When I would fit individuals into a golf ball, I would have them hit shots from their "go to" yardage.  This was the shot and yardage they were most comfortable with and could get the best gauge as to the difference between balls.

With regards to swing speed, a golf ball needs to perform on every shot, not just the driver. The longest hitters on the PGA Tour need their golf ball to perform just as well on a delicate 50 yard pitch as they do on a 300 yard drive.  Amateur golfers with lower swing speeds are no different. 

All Titleist golf balls are designed with the intent of helping golfers shoot lower scores. 

I hope this helps. Please keep the discussion going. 

Talk soon,


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  1. Brayden R

    So if my swing speed is 97 mph, would an nxt tour benefit me more than a prov1 or prov1x?
  2. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Brayden R

    So if my swing speed is 97 mph, would an nxt tour benefit me more than a prov1 or prov1x?

    Hi Brayden,

    Thanks for the post. One of the key things to keep in mind is that fitting a golf ball based on swing speed is a myth. The golf ball simply reacts to the force applied at impact. And when our R&D team is designing a golf ball, they design it to perform on every shot, not just the 14 drives you will likely hit in one round. Also, because every golfer has more than one swing speed, a golf ball must perform for all golfers of all swing speeds on all shots. If it doesn’t, it won’t perform for any golfer. 

    When it comes to finding the right ball for your game, the end goal is to find the model that will help you shoot lower scores. We always suggest evaluating models side-by-side on the course to see which performs best for your game. 

    Here's a great post that sheds some more light on the topic as well. Definitely check this out...

    In the meantime, here are some other helpful links:

    Golf Ball Fitting:

    Online Golf Ball Selection Tool:

    Hope this helps!

    - Mike

  3. Chris92009

    Great discussion guys! I recently spent time with the staff at Oceanside followed by another visit with one of the mobile golf ball fitting vans.  I learned that the ProV1 may be my preferred ball since from 150 yards in I prefer the action on the ball albeit the ProV1x may be a better ball off the tee for me.  Thus, the key according to your professional staff slightly has me in the ProV1 ball...amazing discussion.  Also, I discovered at Oceanside that my Titleist AP2's can be adjusted to further fit my game into the ball if needed such as loft adjustments etc...  I plan on going back out to visit Cliff and the gang to explore this further as well as check out the new line of woods.

    Keep up the great work on this site!

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