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pro v1 and pro v1x spins way too much for me...nxt tour?

nick k

I love everything about both pro v1's but full shots into the green spin way too much...should I try the nxt tours? What is everyones opinion? 

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  1. Scott S

    I seem to end up playing a lot of bump n runs, but when I shot a couple shots that dropped on the green, I was impressed with the way that the Pro V1 stopped for me.  I made a shot with my 5 wood that normally would have gone over with a different ball, it dropped and stayed put for me, so I was pretty happy with it, on the bump n runs they ran well, but not overly crazy if that makes any kind of sense....

  2. Jim S


    I found that the Pro V1 and Pro V1x had more spin than I could handle on the longer clubs in my bag, but liked the spin with the shorter clubs. I switched to the NXT Tour and was very happy. I didn't suffer any noticable distance lose either.

  3. Brendon S

    Man just enjoy showing off all of that spin to your buddies! I wish i could get some backspin.

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