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old vs newer balls

justin m

I recently purchased prov 1 392 from wal mart to find out they were from the mid 2000s. Can u tell me what the differences in performance would be to you're new pro vs

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  1. Bryson Z

    Well depending if those pro v1s you got were used there could be different opinions. I believe that if they were new then the feel would be nice and like a normal pro v but since they were made along time ago i think other performance areas like distance and spin will not perform because your use to todays technology
  2. Carl T

    I fished a couple of pro v1 392 balls out of the lake that had not been there too long and noticed a big difference in distance compared to the latest pro v1's I have found in the lake. I rarely buy new golf balls as most of the balls I play with I have found. My favorite is the ProV1x. I think the age and technology of the current balls make the balls made 5 years ago or longer obsolete.
  3. Steve H

    Thanks for the explanation. for the average player, would you say they may not notice a difference unless they are able to determine they mishit or hit a shot really thin etc. ?
  4. Carl T

    As I stated earlier I could tell a big difference in distance between a current ProV1 and the 392. The 392 balls were a club shorter even when well struck.

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