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Brad m Club Champion

We have had a very wet spring and early summer. Looking at my game, trying to determine why my scores seem to be 2 to 3 shots higher than last year. The golf courses are definitely playing longer. Hitting roughly the same number of greens, and number of putts per round has remained constant around 28-31 per round. Decided to switch from the Pro V1, trying to get a little more distance. I have been reluctant to use a 2piece ball in the past as I found they did not have the feel around the greens. My short game is the best part of my game, and I have not found any difference after the switch. The Solo putts true, and unlike previous versions, it feels the same coming off my Scotty Cameron as the Pro V1. End result, my scores over the past 2 weeks have have gone down 1 to 2 shots per round, and my handicap index has dropped from 8.2 to 7.1. I am one game away from getting back to a 6. It is not a money thing, but I have noticed that distance for me has increased and there seems to be more top spin on my drives and fairway wood shots. I have seen no difference in the amount of spin that I can put on the ball around the greens, except for some bump and run type shots where I just allow for more roll. Has anyone else switched from the Pro V to get more distance?

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  1. Jim S

    Brad, I switched from Pro V1 to DT SoLo this season to play a ball with less spin. It doesn't appear to have affected my distance one way or another, and I am finding my control around the greens more than adequate. The DT SoLo has reduced the spin I was getting on my metals and long irons allowing me to hit more fairways and greens. I will have to monitor my distance to see if I start getting a boost.
  2. Brad m

    All bets are off, went back to the Pro V1x this week and shot 69 today. Chipped in on the 1st hole from the 2nd cut off the green. I don't think I could have spun any ball better than the shot I made, 2 skips and the ball went from about 10 yards off the green. I only took 27 putts for the round. Until it gets wet in the fall, I am back to the Pro V. 

  3. Spudstarch

    Hi Brad,

    I grabbed a sleeve of optic yellow DTs for a round in hazy afternoon weather, on a course that has a tendency to be windy. I did not see much distance advantage off my driver compared to the Pro V1x. And maybe it was the hard green, but I hit a par 3 green dead in the middle using a 7 iron and it looked like it bounced up quite a bit and rolled right off the back of the front-to-back sloped green, well into the rough.

    Chipping green-side was fine, as I have a tendency these days to not play a lot of backspin on those shots. My last shot of the day was 25 yard up and down to save par, so I was happy.

    As much as I like the squishy feel of the ball, I need something that generates more spin on mid range approach shots.

  4. Barry B

    I tend to swap out my 1Xs in the late fall and early spring for the same reason (wet conditions on fairways & greens).  I usually go with the SOLO because I get good carry off my woods and irons and they spin back very little on soft greens.  They also putt well on the softer greens.  Once the ground starts to dry out I switch back because the SOLOs bounce like a super ball off of hard greens.


  5. Randy T

    How very interesting you found the DT Solo better in these conditions. I normally and exclusively use ProVIs when competing BUT try others when playing during the week. Therefore I have given away most all the DTs I find or win, at least until I started using them recently on a whim ... Boy, I could not agree more that not only do they seem to carry further but actually, with less spin, get some fairway roll, while still holding the greens. Predominately weight ball selection on putter feel, I was surprised to note the DTs are only a little harder feeling then my good 'ol ProVIs. At least that is the story from Delaware.
  6. Robert S

    As long as it's a Titleist no matter which model it is still the #1 ball in golf 

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