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Steve M

A Question, When teeing up what is the best position to put the golf ball (PRO V1 & PRO V1X)on the tee? Rotation arrow going straight down the middle or rotation arrow going left & right? I use a vertical swing and normally hit the ball relatively straight, swing speed is in the 75 - 85 mile an hour range - oh, and I am an old timer, 72. And yes I have tried all sorts of other balls, Wlson, Slzngr, TM, Prcpt, Swoosh and most likely other brands,Clubs are custom (by a fitter), Driver Swoosh (covert set at 10.5) Reason is due to dimple pattern on the ball. The rotation arrow starts and ends with a small dimple, with large dimples in between. Just asking --- need all the help I can get.

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  1. Monty m

    I'm by no means an engineer, but I would hazard a guess and say that unless you are a tour player, it doesn't make a bit of difference, and even if you were a tour player I'm not sure it does.

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  2. Don O

    The only directional balls in the market are not USGA approved. Any ball off of the tee has to be as stable off the fairway - and you can't adjust the alignment in the field of play. Depending on where you focus, you can pick the number, Titleist, or alignment mark to suit your eye but won't affect the flight.
  3. Tom P

    The current ProV's do not have a seam on the cover so the orientation of the the aiming aid will not effect your shots from a golf ball performance standpoint

    personally I generally tee my ball up so that the aiming aid is vertical and in the impact area

  4. malcolm c

    No difference at all

  5. Scott S

    I usually just tee it up so I can read the logo, it gives me a place to concentrate on and helps me keep my head down better.  I didn't think there was a difference either, as long as you tee it up the same way each time I think it should fly the same!

  6. Barry B

    Performance wise, it doesn't matter.  As far as the visual cues (aim line, script logo, etc...), it's personal preference.


  7. Gordon B

    Agree that it is all personal preference. The days of the seam are gone. I like to tee off with the "titleist" at the impact point because I adds line through the alignment arrow with a sharpie and when I hit introns off the tea it sometimes smears the line. Thats about as scientific as I get.

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