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Roch A

I have a 104 mph driver club head speed. I was wondering, would I hit a golf ball farther with a higher compression ball? Right now I play the Pro V1's and I want to know if it would be better to get the Velocity or DT solo or another ball with high compression.

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  1. Graham F

    Try the Pro V1X. I picked up 10 yards going from pro v1 to the x model. it's much better around the greens than the Velocity or DT.


  2. uflorida1

    Agreed, just made that same swap

  3. Jesse P

     I changed to the Pro V1x and found that I got a lot less spin off the driver and kept the feel and spin that I needed (and would expect from a high caliber ball such as the Pro V1x) around the green. 


    Try it and let us know what you think.

  4. Adam B. W

    I agree, we virtually have the exact swing speed and I was hooked on the X's once I tried them out, I have nothing else in my bag!
  5. Tom P

    Skip the Velocity or DT solo they do not have the spin around the green or the soft feel off the putter face that ProV's have.

    As others have suggested give the ProVx a try, you may find that it will spin less on the full swing shots which could equal more distance (ball compression is not really a factor)

  6. Roch A

    Thanks, I tried it today. I scavenged a couple of Pro VIX's out of the bottom of my bag. I didn't lose one the whole 18. I was able to hit my clubs about 5 yards longer due to less spin with my irons which also helped me roll the ball on the green and get a par on a hole where I sliced my drive into another fairway!

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