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Best Titleist Ball for a Young Junior Player?

Jay H

First post…glad to be on board and hoping for some good advice!

My daughter is 10 years old and has been playing competitively for about 1 year. She has experienced a lot of success - 9 tournament wins and made it to national finals of Drive Chip & Putt at Augusta - and her game has improved significantly in a short amount of time.

We're trying out several different balls to see if there are noticeable differences in performance around the green and off the tee. Her driver carry distance is 130-150yds. We have not had her swing speed officially tested. She has great feel around the greens.

She's been playing balls primarily geared towards increasing distance with super low compression - cally SuperSoft, bstone Lady Precept, etc. What we're noticing is she is not able to be as aggressive in approach shots and shots around the green because the ball rolls out so much. Would love to find a ball with increased feel and response around the greens but still good distance for her still developing strength and swing speed.

In the Titleist family, we currently have sleeves of NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, and DT Solo to test. Would love to hear some thoughts on what might be the best direction to go.


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  1. Roch A

    The Titelist Velocity and DT Solo were good for me when I started out Golf.

  2. Eric D

    Try the Pro V1's.   My 11 yr old son (experienced tourney player) has been playing them for several years and every time he gets a free dozen of another brand as a gift at one of his tourneys, he gives them to me because he just loves the feel, distance and spin of the Pro Vs.  He's tried the other Titleist balls but the Pro V's work the best and give him the most confidence.   Their current commercial that says they are designed to perform with any swing speed is pretty much true.

  3. Jay H

    Thanks Roch and Eric for your replies.

    Eric - I had a feeling Pro V1 might be in the mix as well. We're definitely going to try it. Great to hear the success your son has had using it.

    Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your reply.

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