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ball numbers higher than 9

glenn m

When are ball manufacturers (are you reading this Titleist?) going to have sense enough to use double numbers on golf balls? Do they realize that numbers go beyond 9? How hard is it to stamp a double number (ie 10 through 99) on a ball with the modern manufacturing techniques they use? (answer: not at all)


I am thoroughly sick of people not knowing which ball is theirs because they are almost all numbered 1, 2  or 3. It's even worse now because everyone plays Pro V1 which I play. I love this ball but if anyone started selling balls with 2 numbers I would probably switch to avoid the aggravation. And don't tell me to mark the ball because Sharpies don't permanently mark balls so i stopped doing that. In fact I might switch to an off brand that no one plays soon since that's the only way to get a unique permanent mark on the ball.

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  2. Hotsauce

    I would like to see it as well.  I took advantage of the personalized deal, so I doubt my ball will be hard to decipher from others.  I do mark my ball, and I remark it after about 3 holes.  I'm not a member of a club, and I work, so weekends on the good old muni track are about all I can play a full round on.  Needless to say I've got plenty of time to mark a ball when I'm waiting on the tee.

    I was kind of surpriesed when I ordered the personalized balls that I couldn't pick the number.  I was gonna go with all 9's because, like you said, those are hard to find.

  3. William S

    Titleist used to make balls with numbers 5 thru 9 but for some reason  they stopped doing it. I always used these higher numbers but not now can't find them anymore..


  4. Aaron E

    Check Golf Galaxy as I picked up a box of higher-numbered Pro V1xs the last time I was in there.  No idea, for certain, if other retailers sell them or not.  I would assume Edwin Watts would also carry them.



  5. brett s

    I would guess that's part of the reason for the whole "How do you mark your Titleist campaign"  Get yourself a Sharpie and get creative.

  6. PK

    I also have this problem and is a wonderful solution just bout 2 dzn Pro V1x's in the higher numbers 5-9...

  7. Hotsauce

    Just use caution TGW can become very addictive.  They have everything and anything you could ever need want.

  8. Ryan G

    I second that. 

  9. Isaac P

    Well I have about 200 golf balls in my bag and when I was looking through them I found a titleist pro V1 #99? I don't know what it means but I'm guessing it's pretty rare

  10. Geoffrey B

    Ive had some of those before. I think anyone can custom order that number and numbers like that

  11. greg p

    Go with a personalized ball.  Something with "Glenn M"  ought to eliminate all confusion.  Titleist offers a great deal every spring.  You can use this as an excuse to stock up on ProV's with either your name or custom number.

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